St Martin House for Sale

St Martin houses for sale can be found in many great communities on the French side of the island. A St Martin house for sale can be easily purchased with the help of a local real estate agent and some persons even employ the help of local lawyers to make the process work faster. St Martin homes for sale can be found near great beaches, in private gated neighborhoods and other fabulous locations on the island. Below is a rather easy break down of the process which has to be followed when buying a St Martin home.

There are specific laws for buying a home on the French side of the island. Persons who choose to buy a home in St Martin and are not a citizen of France or any other country which makes up the European Union must first apply for permission to reside on the island of St Martin. This can be done at the same time that the individual is carrying out the purchasing process. The buyer of the house and the seller will enter into an agreement which is can be prepared by a real estate agent or local lawyer who represents the government on the island and in no way represents the two parties involved in the sale and purchase of the St Martin home. In order for the seller to take the St Martin house off the market the persons wishing to purchase must make a 10% deposit (10% of the cost of the St Martin home) which is held in a special account by the lawyer.

Some persons enter into an agreement called a Promesse de Vente which is basically a promise or compromise made between the purchaser and seller where the seller agrees not to sell the property within a stated period of time and the purchaser makes a further deposit which is usually between 5 and 10% of the price of the property, the purchaser forfeits this deposit if they do not purchase the property. The person who is buying the St Martin house can have professional do surveys to determine the condition of the house before the purchase process is complete. These inspections can be done after the Promesse de Vente has been signed by both parties and are sanctioned and supervised by the Government Lawyer.

To close up of the property the individual who wish to buy must pay the additional capital which makes up the price of the St Martin house. There are registration fees and taxes to be paid when paying the St Martin house which is equivalent to 7.5% of the price of the St Martin home. The buyer of the St Martin home may be asked to present the government lawyer with the following; Copy of Birth Certificate, marriage Certificate, and some proof demonstrating that the buyer has insured the property or St Martin home.

St Martin homes for sale are many and purchasing St Martin houses is not a difficult process. The purchase must choose the St Martin home for sale of his or her choice and the process of purchasing gets easier form there. There are many real estate agents on the island with information on St Msartin homes for sale.

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