St Maarten House Rentals

St Maarten house rentals are homes, apartments, villas and condos which are available on the Dutch side of the island are rented out as accommodations to persons who choose to reside on the island for vacation, retirement and business purposes. St Maarten house rentals are perfect for spending island time. St Maarten houses can be rented on great beach fronts as well as gated neighborhoods and other great areas which have great views and are safe neighborhoods. Many times during the year there are many St Maarten house rentals which can be leased.

St Maarten homes for rent are normally listed with local real estate agencies or are advertised in local newspapers and travel websites. The St Maarten house rental can be arranged with no need for the person intending to rent the house to travel to the island. All arrangements to rent a St Maarten home can be made via the telephone or internet. A lease has to be signed by the owner or manager of the St Maarten house rental and the person who intends to rent. When renting most St Maarten house rentals a security deposit must be made. Policies regarded rented homes in St Maarten are normal and includes clauses such as whether or not pets are allowed on the premises, the age limit or children who can reside on the property ( most St Maarten house rentals are children friendly), and the number of persons who are allowed to reside on the premises at any given time.

St Maarten house rentals can be rented as furnished or unfurnished units. The unfurnished units are those St Maarten homes which are rented without any furniture or accessories and the tenant are responsible for providing their own furnishing. These are the cheapest St Maarten homes to rent in terms of monthly fees. St Maarten furnished homes are most expensive to rent but come furnished with all house furnishings in addition to amenities. Amenities which are available in St Maarten house rentals are internet, Cable TV and or satellite, telephone service, bed linens, towels, kitchen appliances, fans and or air condition and others. These homes are generally more expensive to rent.

St Maarten house rental include luxurious properties such as villas and condos which have great facilities for guests. Swimming pools and Jacuzzi are standard at luxury homes on St Maarten. The larger St Maarten house rentals may have tennis courts, home entertainment rooms, game tables and other great facilities.

St Maarten home rentals can be obtained in and around the capital of Philipsburg, Simpson Bay, Oyster Pond, Cupecoy, Colebay, and other god residential areas. Special rates are given to tenants who rent over long periods of time. In order to secure a St Maarten house rental prospective tenants must make arrangements in advance. Booking early means making the relevant deposits will ensure that a St Maarten rental house is obtained. Advance booking are especially important in high season when many visitors head to the island for vacation.

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