St Maarten House For Sale

St Maarten house for sales are homes which are available for purchase on the Dutch side of the island. St Maarten homes are great properties to invest in as real estate on the island make good investments. St Maarten homes for sale can be purchased by individuals as well as corporations. Some of the real estate property which can be purchased in St Maarten includes villas, homes, condos and apartment. The best place to start looking for a St Maarten house for sale is with a local real estate agent.

The price of purchasing a St Maarten house depends on many factors. For starters the size of the home and the land on which it sit is a major factor. Smaller homes cost les but the island is known for its luxurious real estate properties which can cost millions of dollars to purchase. Location of the St Maarten home also affects the price of the property. Beach front St Maarten homes normal go for more than a house located in a town. St Maarten homes in private gated area also go for a high price. St Maarten houses can be purchased on many great white sand beaches on the island. These homes normally sell for high prices but are worth every cent. Homes can also be purchased in communities and private neighborhoods which are in close proximity to beaches and the shopping centers of the island.

St Maarten homes are designed in many styles. Home designs are based on Caribbean and European styles. After purchasing a St Maarten home the new home owner can change home designs or add to the property with ease as the process for obtaining a planning permit and a building permit on the island of St Maarten is quite easy.

Buying a St Maarten house for sale is quite easy as there is no need to e a resident of the island to make a St Maarten home purchase. A Civil Notary who is a local lawyer who represents the government will prepare the documents necessary for sale of the St Maarten home. This lawyer is responsible for forming the purchase agreement which is then signed by the purchaser and the seller of the St Maarten home. Under this St Maarten agreement the persons who are interested in purchasing the St Maarten home must make an initial deposit on the St Maarten home of a minimum 10% of the cost of the St Maarten real estate. The remaining price of the St Maarten home is paid up when the closing of the sale occurs. The taxes which are paid when purchasing a St Maarten home are minimal as the Dutch side has no property taxes.

St Maarten homes for sale make the perfect accommodations for persons who decide to retire to the Caribbean. St Maarten homes also makes perfect holiday homes for persons who enjoy spending winter in the sunny Caribbean or just need a vacation home.

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