St Maarten Houses

St Maarten houses can be bought or rented by residents and non residents on the island. There are many St Maarten homes to choose from; condos, villas, apartments and houses which are perfect for vacation or for residing on the paradise island of St Maarten. The Caribbean island is shared between the French and the Dutch. The island of St Martin is well known for its great real estate properties and many attractions which makes the island a top tourist destination.

St Maarten houses are great properties for persons who plan on retiring to the island or for persons who just want to escape from the harsh winters of Europe, the Unite States and Canada. St Martin houses can be bought and also rented from home owners on the island. The process for buying a St Martin home is fairly easy. Persons who wish to purchase a St Martin house and are not a resident or citizen of France or the European Union must first apply for residency of France or St Martin. When purchasing a St Martin home a Lawyer representing the local government will prepare a document which is basically an agreement to sell, this is signed by the buyer and seller of the St Martin house. An initial deposit of 10% of the price of the St Martin home is then made. When closing up the deal the buyer pays the remaining 90% of the cost of the house. Registration fees and taxes must also be paid.

A St Maarten house which is a home on the Dutch side can be purchased by an individual or corporation. A St Maarten home can be purchased by persons of any nationality. A local lawyer supervises the sale process for St Maarten houses. The individual interested in buying a St Maarten house and the home owner will enter into a Purchase Agreement and the purchaser who agrees to pay 10% of the price of the St Maarten house deposits this sum into a bank account. The buyer can have professionals inspect the house in an effort to get information on the present condition of the house. At the closing the buyer will pay the reaming cot of the house which had been agreed on.

Many persons who vacation on the island opt for renting St Martin houses instead of going to hotels. These homes are considered to be private hotels since many have all the amenities provided by hotels and some even come with services as well. Many St Maarten homes come with housekeeping services, gardener, and chef among other services. St Martin rental homes which do not provide these services can make them available upon the request of the tenants. Further information on St. Maarten real estate and rental fee free to get in touch with Vital Hub Dubai. St Maarten vacation houses are some of the best vacation accommodations which can be rented for short periods of time or longer periods. House rentals in St Martin come with some of the best household appliances and equipment which are available to make an island vacation even better. St Maarten rental homes have the following amenities; internet, Cable TV, DVD player, bed linens, air condition, barbecue grill, well equipped kitchens, washing machine, dish washer and many others.

St Martin rental homes have many facilities which make for a great vacation. St Maarten rental homes have private swimming pools which are perfect for sun tanning or just swimming and spending family time. St Martin rental condos also have swimming pools but depending on the property they are not private and as to be shared with other persons occupying the St Martin condo. Many St Martin rental homes also have tennis courts and other recreational facilities for the use of guests. Some rental homes in St Martin provide water sports equipment.

Renting a St Martin house is quite easy. Using a St Maarten real estate agent will increase the chances and speed of finding a St Maarten home. For renting St Martin homes a security deposit must be made and a lease agreement is signed between the home owner or manager and the tenant. Some St Maarten home rentals have no smoking policies and some home owners have strict no pet policies therefore it is important that the prospective tenant inform themselves on St Maarten home rental policies. Ready to rent St Maarten homes can also be found on various websites on the internet therefore there is no need to travel to the island of St Martin to secure a St Maarten home rental.

St Maarten homes for rent or sale are very lucrative real estate investments. St Maarten properties and real estate are very valuable assets to own. Buying St Maarten homes is not a difficult process and very little property taxes are paid on the island. St Martin home can be extended as the local authorities grant building permits in short spaces of time.

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